The value of a perfectly, crafted innovation brief

  • AKT
  • March 6, 2020
  • We have personally seen the impact and effect of both a consumer crafted innovation brief (read: the right approach) as well as one crafted to fit a pre-defined, production-fitting, please-don’t-challenge-what-we-allready-know-and-do brief (read: Sorry, but I am not a fan!!!)

    Were the consumer crafted innovation brief focus on solving a specific consumer need or challenge, it automaticly starts the innovation thinking in problem solving rather than solution-fitting. It has the ability to tacle the challenge from a 360 perspective, where you can bring multible options and dimensions into play: product, packaging, communication, business model, process, production and more.

    That is why, we always start by understanding the needs and barriers of the consumers, in order to define a innovation brief, which makes sense and brings value for the company…because it is not a question of ignoring the company capabilities and scope. It just can’t be the starting point for the ideation and innovation.

    So consider to invite us for a coffee and a talk, if you want to know more about: How we support company ideation and innovation, and what we can do for you.
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