Develop and Launch

Developing an innovation concept into the actual product or service requires a structured approach of prototyping and testing often combined with organizational transformation.

It takes persistence, dedication and skills to DEVELOP AND LAUNCH Innovation

Why do so many good ideas die in the process?

A lot of companies are simply not organized or aware of the many pitfalls and requirements it takes to bring an innovation project though the full development process. Therefor they end up in a vicious cycle of continuously initiating and pursuing opportunities (investing resource and budget), just to close them down, when encountering obstacles or challenges in the later stages of the development process.

We believe that developing and maturing concepts from early stages to final launch requires different skillsets and a strong and dedicated project manager. Change of ownership is one of the most often seen reasons, that a project fail. The reasons for it are many, from lack of ownership to change of concept rational or executional feasibility.

That is why, we believe in the power of a strong Project Innovation Manager rather than a Innovation Specialist. By facilitating the process and permission to engage and leverage cross-functional capabilities and specialist when needed, secures a swift problem solving and organizational involvement, which leads to ownership and commitment.

We love supporting companies in driving a more effective and efficient development process, which ensures the best conditions for leading to an impactful launch.

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Agile Roadmap

A good idea is just that, a good idea. It takes structure and organizational focus to secure priorities and progression of their innovation pipeline.

The development of AGILE ROADMAP helps drive innovation effectively, with applying a strategic lense to prioritization.

What is the purpose of an agile roadmap?

After an effective ideation process, companies often end up with a pile of ideas and concepts, which all have potential of creating value and contribute to company growth. But not all ideas have the same potential or equally easy to pursue and develop for the company. The development of an agile roadmap supports ensuring organizational/cross-functional alignment about the innovation priorities and effort.

We have found that many companies struggle with turning the sum of all the good ideas into tangible action plans and projects or spreading their effort to thin across activities. This often lead to internal frustration, weaker innovations and longer lead time for the development.

Furthermore, the development process of an agile roadmap also secures valuable dialogue and commitment across functional areas and the possibility for stronger cross-functional problem solving, which again strengthen the final end-product.

But an agile roadmap is (as the name implies) not a static plan. It works as a directional decision document, which needs to be revisited and updated frequently based on the ongoing customer dialogue and marked knowledge, new insights or changing trends and company priorities.

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Eventhough a good idea might be genereated out of the blue, it is possible to nurture and fuel the conditions of idea creations, which secure a better and more effective outcome.

Unlocking the untapped innovation potential of the organization takes effort. It takes IDEATION.

Why do we need to make ideation into a “thing”?

We all get ideas every day and often several times throughout every day. So why do companies need help doing and structuring ideation!

Let’s start by saying the obvious: Not all ideas are good ideas 😉

But more importantly, we make better ideas together, and the more clear we are about “What problem are we trying to solve”, the better are the chances, that we actually end up creating ideas, that delivers on the challenge.

Creating the right conditions and scope for developing ideas shouldn’t been underestimated. If you make the challenge to broad, you might end up with ideas that are all over the place and unfocused, leading to too few specifics to fuel the actual conceptualizing and later development process.

On the other hand, do you make the ideation briefs to narrow, you might loose out on ideas, that might push the boarders of the current business and portfolio scope.

We handle ideation within a workshop context, which has proven to unlock unknown potential of organization, as we create the premise for employees with diverse skillset and capabilities to collectively find solutions for challenges and opportunities.

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Consumer Centric

In order to deliver valuable products and services, it is crucial to the consumer and shopper needs. Not only the needs of TODAY, but also the needs of TOMORROW.

“You don’t know me, just by knowing my name!”. Dig deeper if you really want to work CONSUMER CENTRIC

What is Consumer Centric?

It is the belief, that you need to understand the needs, values and behavior of your consumers (or customers) to be able to deliver truly valuable products and services, which results in preference and loyalty.

Many companies has the tendency to innovate and develop products based on internal factors, premises and limitations. And even though you need to take all of these aspects into account, it shouldn’t be the starting point for innovation. If you do so, you have the risk of solving the wrong issue and invest massive resources and budget into developing a product or service, which actually are not delivering on the actual consumer need.

But having done the research and collected the insights are only step one in ensuring a strong foundation for delivering innovation and driving the development. Too often companies choose to focus their innovation effort on the insights, that supports their original (or personal) point-of-view, thereby ignoring and rejecting insights, which might be the true root cause of consumers not overlooking or even rejecting product offering.

At CCG Innovation love digging into insights and getting close to consumers. Because the more we know and the better we observe, the strong we innovate and develop.

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Development of a strong concepts combines the ability to thinking strategic, insight oriented and creative – thus the ability to turn abstract ideas into concrete concepts.

CONCEPTUALIZING is all about turning insights and strategic thinking into creative solutions with the ability to stand out.

Transforming ideas into concept!

Sometimes it takes five ideas to create one strong, holistic concept, which has the longevity and market size potential to deliver on a company’s growth ambition. Each independent idea is simply to small or narrow to secure and create an impact in the market, but by combining them, you have multiply their individual potential into something collectively bigger.

This is just as much a creative process as a business calculation, because identifying the right creative concept can tie multiple and even diverging aspect together in one consumer relevant and attractive offering.

We leverage briefing templates to ensure the best possible starting point for our concept development for clients, and pull on creative experts within our development process. We secure focus within the creative process, ensuring that the pre-defined insight and strategic foundation works as the framework for the creative translation.

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