Develop and Launch

Developing an innovation concept into the actual product or service requires a structured approach of prototyping and testing often combined with organizational transformation.

It takes persistence, dedication and skills to DEVELOP AND LAUNCH Innovation

Why do so many good ideas die in the process?

A lot of companies are simply not organized or aware of the many pitfalls and requirements it takes to bring an innovation project though the full development process. Therefor they end up in a vicious cycle of continuously initiating and pursuing opportunities (investing resource and budget), just to close them down, when encountering obstacles or challenges in the later stages of the development process.

We believe that developing and maturing concepts from early stages to final launch requires different skillsets and a strong and dedicated project manager. Change of ownership is one of the most often seen reasons, that a project fail. The reasons for it are many, from lack of ownership to change of concept rational or executional feasibility.

That is why, we believe in the power of a strong Project Innovation Manager rather than a Innovation Specialist. By facilitating the process and permission to engage and leverage cross-functional capabilities and specialist when needed, secures a swift problem solving and organizational involvement, which leads to ownership and commitment.

We love supporting companies in driving a more effective and efficient development process, which ensures the best conditions for leading to an impactful launch.

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