Eventhough a good idea might be genereated out of the blue, it is possible to nurture and fuel the conditions of idea creations, which secure a better and more effective outcome.

Unlocking the untapped innovation potential of the organization takes effort. It takes IDEATION.

Why do we need to make ideation into a “thing”?

We all get ideas every day and often several times throughout every day. So why do companies need help doing and structuring ideation!

Let’s start by saying the obvious: Not all ideas are good ideas 😉

But more importantly, we make better ideas together, and the more clear we are about “What problem are we trying to solve”, the better are the chances, that we actually end up creating ideas, that delivers on the challenge.

Creating the right conditions and scope for developing ideas shouldn’t been underestimated. If you make the challenge to broad, you might end up with ideas that are all over the place and unfocused, leading to too few specifics to fuel the actual conceptualizing and later development process.

On the other hand, do you make the ideation briefs to narrow, you might loose out on ideas, that might push the boarders of the current business and portfolio scope.

We handle ideation within a workshop context, which has proven to unlock unknown potential of organization, as we create the premise for employees with diverse skillset and capabilities to collectively find solutions for challenges and opportunities.

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