Agile Roadmap

The development of AGILE ROADMAP helps drive innovation effectively, with applying a strategic lense to prioritization.

What is the purpose of an agile roadmap?

After an effective ideation process, companies often end up with a pile of ideas and concepts, which all have potential of creating value and contribute to company growth. But not all ideas have the same potential or equally easy to pursue and develop for the company. The development of an agile roadmap supports ensuring organizational/cross-functional alignment about the innovation priorities and effort.

We have found that many companies struggle with turning the sum of all the good ideas into tangible action plans and projects or spreading their effort to thin across activities. This often lead to internal frustration, weaker innovations and longer lead time for the development.

Furthermore, the development process of an agile roadmap also secures valuable dialogue and commitment across functional areas and the possibility for stronger cross-functional problem solving, which again strengthen the final end-product.

But an agile roadmap is (as the name implies) not a static plan. It works as a directional decision document, which needs to be revisited and updated frequently based on the ongoing customer dialogue and marked knowledge, new insights or changing trends and company priorities.

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