Consumer Centric

“You don’t know me, just by knowing my name!”. Dig deeper if you really want to work CONSUMER CENTRIC

What is Consumer Centric?

It is the belief, that you need to understand the needs, values and behavior of your consumers (or customers) to be able to deliver truly valuable products and services, which results in preference and loyalty.

Many companies has the tendency to innovate and develop products based on internal factors, premises and limitations. And even though you need to take all of these aspects into account, it shouldn’t be the starting point for innovation. If you do so, you have the risk of solving the wrong issue and invest massive resources and budget into developing a product or service, which actually are not delivering on the actual consumer need.

But having done the research and collected the insights are only step one in ensuring a strong foundation for delivering innovation and driving the development. Too often companies choose to focus their innovation effort on the insights, that supports their original (or personal) point-of-view, thereby ignoring and rejecting insights, which might be the true root cause of consumers not overlooking or even rejecting product offering.

At CCG Innovation love digging into insights and getting close to consumers. Because the more we know and the better we observe, the strong we innovate and develop.

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